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At Bholenath International the best packaging materials are found developed from top grade raw materials. Packaging is the science, art and technology of confining finished products safely ready for distribution, storage, sale and use by the customer. It also involves designing, evaluating and producing packages which Bholenath International has devised at their plant in Junagadh in Gujarat.

Today we live in an age when everyday things of daily use are packed and shipped from all across the globe directly to our homes and business organizations. Thus the packaging industry has become one very important industry with its related procedures and materials a huge constituent of the manufacturing and distributing companies. Our group of experts has identified the need of the hour and we have worked tirelessly to produce the best quality materials in the market.

Without these components their products are as good as null and void. Catching on the significance of the current market requirements we at Bholenath International have developed our products which are the market leaders in India today.

Best Grade Materials Used in Manufacturing our Products

It is of prime importance that these companies learn how to pack their stuff in the most economical ways possible to reduce the cost factor of a business house. To do this recycling and reusing are some means though it is not always possible due to the make of the packing materials and their base material. It is then to be seen which materials can be used and reused conveniently. All that is mass produced at our plant is the best grade items doing the rounds of the markets today and can be used and reused thus saving on costs.

Packaging is a common and broad term. It encompasses packing of all items produced to be sold in markets. But some items need industrial packaging wherein heavy packing items are required. These are called industrial packing materials which can be purchased from Industrial Packaging Wholesalers in Junagadh namely Bholenath International one of the leaders in this field.

Our Packaging Products

The materials that fall under packaging materials are plastic ropes, plastic fabric sheets, plastic sacks, packing straps and tarpaulin which can all be got under one roof- Bholenath International. You think of packaging and you have to think of us.

Our plastic ropes are used because of their great strength and ability to bear great loads. These types of ropes do not rot or decompose under any circumstances. They are hardy and stout with the ability to withstand any kind of abuse.

Plastic fibre sheets which we fabricate are also lightweight, durable, flexible and cheap in manufacturing. The biggest advantage of our sheets is its ability to withstand water and protect the products to the core. The plastic sheets can also withstand any kind of abuse and natural calamities. Our plastic sheets’ ability to last for a long time all the while protecting the goods inside is why it makes for a good packaging material. This can be purchased at reasonable rates from Plastic Fabric Sheets Suppliers in Junagadh.

The plastic sack is also another tough packing material which qualifies almost like the plastic fabric sheet. Our plastics sacks are made at our factory from the top grade raw materials.

Just packing into containers, boxes, etc is not the end of the story of the packaging industry. All the packed goods need to be strapped well to keep them from falling apart while being transported. So the packing straps that we construct at our factory in Junagadh occupy an equally important place in the industry.

Last but not least is our good old tarpaulin. If everything is done carefully but lastly it is not covered properly then all is lost. So the tarpaulin that Bholenath International manufactures, the best in the market comes into play then. It is required to safeguard all your packed boxes and containers till they reach their destination.


Irrigation Equipment

African Print Fabric

Bholenath International in Junagadh in Gujarat manufactures African printed textiles which boast of superior quality base material which is cotton. African textiles are textiles from varied African locations on the continent of Africa. They are known for their distinct styles, techniques of print and production, dyeing methods and decorative and functional purposes. The textiles spread out their cultural significance and are in a way the documents of African history and design. But today to acquire those beautiful fabrics you need not travel straight to Africa. Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat is a leading manufacturer of these textiles.

Methods of African Print on Textiles

The most important and main method of colouring cloth in Africa is dyeing whose principles and techniques we at Bholenath International have followed at our plant which is the most modern and up to date in the country.

The most common dye used is the indigo which signifies wealth and abundance according to African tradition which we have borne in mind while manufacturing them. Natural dyes such as vegetable and mineral dyes are widely and commonly used. Other natural dyes include yellow from Morinda brimstone tree, white from kaolin clay, black from charcoal or black clay, brown from mud and red from camwood. These are some common African colours used which our engineers have developed in producing these materials in Gujarat in India.

Some common dyeing methods include tie and dye, stitched and folded resist, wax batik and starch resist which are typical African methods but which have also become a significant tradition at Bholenath International.

The Kitenge Fabric

The Kitenge, now produced at our plant in Gujarat, is an East African and Central African fabric which is similar to a sarong. It is worn in many ways by the African women like wrapped around the waist or chest, over the head like a head scarf or can be used as a baby sling. But today it is used to make dresses and other items other than the original use. Our kitenge is a colourful and bright fabric or cloth which is also now available in India all thanks to Bholenath International for it.

The kitenge is akin to the kangas and kikoy, but the weave of the fabric is thicker and possess an edging on one long side. It is a very popular fabric in most African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Liberia, Rwanda and Congo. Even countries like Malawi, Namibia and Zambia use it. But Bholenath International has popularized the fabric in India today.

It is very popular and beautiful with bright colour prints that it is now worn by people in India also. African Print Fabrics in Gujarat have now become popular and is being supplied all over India by companies like Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat. Our fabric is as soft as a baby’s skin.

The Ankara Fabric

Bholenath International today manufactures Ankara fabric which is a pure cotton fabric with sparkling and spirited prints and patterns. It is a flamboyant cloth which is basically associated with Africa since it has tribal like patterns and motifs. It is a very flexible fabric from which many items can be made like hats, earrings, blazers, shoes, etc. It is made by the Indonesian wax resist dyeing method called batik which is the principle method of production in our plant in Gujarat.

To get your yard of the Ankara fabric now you need not travel to Africa but rather sitting at home you could get it from Ankara Fabric Exporters like Bholenath International in Gujarat.


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