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At Bholenath International we manufacture premium quality plastic ropes which basically are a family of yarns, plies, fibres or strands which are warped or plaited together into a larger and stronger form. Our premium quality ropes have tensile strength to be able to drag and lift. Bholenath International’s ropes are thicker and stronger in make. Plastic Ropes are considered to be very strong and Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat has the best ropes in the market. They lead the rope market with their innovations and improvisations and have become leaders.

Construction of Ropes at our Plant

Ropes vary in their material make. They may be created from any long, straggly, fibrous materials but it is generally made of natural or synthetic fibres. The natural fibres are mostly prone to decay and rot so it is not always a feasible material which our company has discarded to make the strongest ropes in the market.

The synthetic materials with which our company manufactures the ropes are always much stronger and so is the viable option in most cases. They have higher tensile strength and can float on water. Though at times, it proves to be disadvantageous. It is slippery in nature and prone to UV light decay. But if treated it can last you a long time almost to the tune of 10 years and we at Bholenath International only supply the treated ropes.

The twist in our ropes provides the strength and helps it to stay together. It even distributes the tension to the individual strands. Our technicians and mechanics constantly invigilate the process of manufacturing so that we are able to provide to our faithful patrons the best quality ropes in the market.

Plastic or Synthetic Ropes

Synthetic fibres used in the manufacture of plastic ropes include polypropylene, nylon, polyester, polyethylene, aramids and acrylics. Some come in a single material some are a mixture of several varieties. Whatever be its make and variety, Bholenath International sources their raw materials from the best vendors supplying the Indian market.

Plastic ropes fabricated by Bholenath International are known to be very elastic in nature and take in huge shock loads. These ropes are resistant to oils, gases and chemicals and solvents.

Shelf Life of Plastic Ropes Manufactured By Us

The shelf life or the life span of our plastic rope is quite long considering its usage and load taking capabilities. Once our plastic rope is made it can usually last for a maximum of 10 years according to the manufacturers and ours is no exception. But after that time it is advisable to replace it. Our plastic rope is considered to be the strongest ropes that are manufactured as they can bear the heaviest load.

Usage of Plastic Ropes

The high strength of our Plastic Ropes makes it the current favourite in many industries and arenas in life. Its ability to last for a long time without rotting due to any reason is another positive point of our plastic rope. Its current demand is mainly in the marine and fishing industry to manufacture fish nets. Our plastic ropes are in high demand in India presently as the fishing industry in India is a large industry.

Our ropes also find place in the packaging industry which is a huge industry in modern times. Packaging Plastic Ropes Exporters going by the name Bholenath International from Junagadh in Gujarat are the right people to go to for the ropes.

HDPE Ropes

HDPE is a type of thermoplastic monomer that is made from the ethylene monomer. It has a high strength-to-density ratio which makes it a suitable material with which we manufacture our ropes. These ropes can be supplied by HDPE Ropes Suppliers in Junagadh in Gujarat. Please contact us at Bholenath International and we have the best to offer you.


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Business Type Exporter
Size 2 Mm To 24 Mm In 3 Strands (3 Ply) & 4 Stands (4 Ply)
Length As Per Requirement
Material HDPE
Color Available In Many Different Colors
Pattern Twisted
Country of Origin India
Technic Machine Made
Tear Resistant Yes
Twist Type S Twist
Payment Terms T/T

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Bholenath International is a manufacturer of strong ropes made of HDPE material. The ropes that we manufacture have strength so that they can be used for load bearing, dragging and lifting purposes. Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat is the leading HDPE rope manufacturer in India today. Our ropes are very thick and strong

Uses Of Our Ropes

Ropes have been used since ancient times in every area of life and it is still required today. The construction industry even today requires ropes. We make ropes following the latest technology which is why our ropes are in demand for exploration, sports, theatre, communication, mountain climbing, etc. So our ropes are made from the best raw materials in the market and we can assure you that it is of superior quality and make.

Materials of Ropes

Although ropes are required in every field in life, yet they are all varied. The materials of ropes vary from use to use. Ropes are manufactured from a variety of materials like cotton, jute, leaded polysteel, manila, nylon, polyester and polyethylene. Different purposes require different kinds of ropes. But we at Bholenath International manufacture the strongest ropes- HDPE ropes which is the latest market demand and need of the day.

HDPE Ropes Manufactured at our Plant

HDPE Ropes from Bholenath International have a few unique features and qualities that make it very useful. They are most useful when the purpose mainly surrounds water as it does not rot and can resist mildew. The ropes are manufactured in a variety of colours making it easily distinguishable in certain places as a kind of barrier. Swimming pools have HDPE ropes because they will float. Commercial fishermen use it in their daily lives in their profession.

The dielectric ability of our ropes is another advantage. It does not conduct electricity. Rather it acts as an insulator. Our ropes can withstand abrasion and friction.

Pros of our HDPE Ropes

As has already been discussed, our HDPE rope is very useful as it is a good insulator, floats on water, water resistant, light in weight, cost effective, UV resistant and has colour variety. As they are very effective and useful many HDPE Ropes Export Company from Junagadh are now marketing the ropes even more strongly.

Strength of HDPE Ropes

The common twisted ropes are also known as laid ropes. It generally consists of the 3 or 4 ply or strand ropes. At our factory we are manufacturing the types of ropes that are mentioned. The twists of the ropes are indicated by the upper case of the alphabets ‘S’ or ‘Z’ type. These twists in our ropes provide the strength to the ropes and now HDPE Ropes Export Company from Junagadh is manufacturing and stocking on these types of ropes which can be acquired from them upon contacting.


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Business Type Exporter, Trader
Size 2- 24 Mm In 3 Strands (3 Ply) & 4 Stands (4 Ply)
Type Polypropylene Rope
Material Polypropylene
Length As Per Requirement
Color Available In Many Different Colors
Country of Origin India
Technic Machine Made
Usage Industrial,Rescue Operation,Marine
Payment Terms T/T

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Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat is the top most polypropylene rope manufacturer in the country today. Polypropylene is also known as polypropene is one. It is a thermoplastic polymer with a broad application range developed by Bholenath International from Junagadh in Gujarat. It is a produce of the chain growth polymerization of the propylene monomer developed in our laboratories which are the most modern.

It belongs to the polyolefin family and it is partly crystalline and non-polar. It is a hard and heat resistant material just the material with which we manufacture our ropes. White in colour, it is a mechanically rugged material which is highly chemical resistant and suitable for rope material. Our company has done extensive research to develop the best ropes in the market. That is why today when you think of ropes you have to think about us at Bholenath International.

Olefin Fibre

It is a synthetic fibre manufactured from polyolefin such as polypropylene or polyethylene. It can be used for to make a variety of things like wallpaper, carpeting, vehicle interiors and ropes which Bholenath International manufactures. We manufacture strong, colourfast and comfortable material which can resist stains, mildew, abrasive surfaces, sunlight and all the elements of nature making it rope material. We have made use of this material to make the best ropes in India today which are also the strongest.

Fibre Properties

The olefin fibre has great bulk and cover, while at the same time it has a low specific gravity. There are some properties of the fibre which has helped us at Bholenath International to design ropes which are of high grade and quality. The fibres in our ropes do not hold onto moisture, can soak up moisture and dries quickly. It can combat abrasion, stains, sunlight, fire and chemicals. It does not absorb dyes very well but when it does it can hold on to the colour very well. Its low melting point can bind textiles thermally. Our fibres have medium luster and lowest static.

But its most important property is its high strength which makes it just the material required to make a rope. No matter what the condition, wet or dry it holds onto its strength steadfastly and our ropes are very hard wearing and stout which is why ropes made of this material are of the finest quality available with Polypropylene Ropes Exporters from companies like Bholenath International.

Structure of Olefin

Olefin fibres are made from two types of polymers. The first is polyethylene which has a simple linear structure with replicating units. This type of polymer is mainly used in the manufacture of our ropes, twines and utility fabrics. Polypropylene Packaging Ropes Suppliers in Junagadh like Bholenath International have come up with the best polypropylene ropes that are fabricated in the market today.

The other kind is a three-dimensional structure which creates a crystalline polypropylene polymer suitable in the manufacture of garments, furnishing and industrial products.


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