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Plastic Fabric Sheet

Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat manufactures plastics which are of a broad range of synthetic or semi-synthetic substances that use as its main ingredients polymers. They derive their molding, extruding and pressing property from its own plasticity. They are made from industrial processes at our most technologically advanced plant in Gujarat. Modern plastics are fossil fuel-based chemicals like natural gas or petroleum. But there are some newer industrial methods which employ variants made from renewable materials like corn or cotton by products and continual research is going on in our establishment to come up with better varieties.

Properties of Plastic

Plastics have many physical properties like being lightweight, durable, flexible and cheap to make. This has led to its universal usage in making of many items and we at Bholenath International have developed the best and strong plastic sheets. Our sheets have a few other chemical properties like condensation, polyaddition and cross-linking. There are many physical properties which include hardness, density, tensile strength, thermal resistance and glass transition temperature. This is why our company has chosen to work on the material and produce the best sheets that are available in the Indian market today.

The plastics that we produce also have another advantage in its ability to resist reactions to various other substances like organic solvents, oxidation and ionizing radiation. They can be designed to make a multiple number of items like thermoplastics, thermosets, conductive polymers, biodegradable plastics, engineering plastics and elastomers. Our item can be made into plastic fabric sheets available with Suppliers from Gujarat. Suppliers like Bholenath International can be contacted for your requirements as they are now the leaders in the market.

What is HDPE Fabric?

High density polyethylene or HDPE fabric is a cheap material developed for many things like canopy, sail structures, etc. Our company has worked on this product so that it is available for every section of society as this is an important item required almost every day.

In a country like India where the plastic sheets are a household item, it is imperative that we come up with the best quality in the market and which we have successfully managed to do so. It is also perfect for the construction of shade structures as it does not degenerate from the exposure to chemicals, mildew, rot, sun or rain or any of the natural elements. Our Plastic Fabric Sheet has tiny holes which allow hot air to escape.

It can also be turned into packaging, sheltering and covering products. Our plastic fabric sheets manufactured at our plant in Junagadh are by a method where many threads or tapes are woven in two directions to form a fabric to meet the requirements of the plastic industry.

Advantages of Our Plastic Fabric Sheets

Bholenath International’s woven fabric rolls have many features like high load bearing strength, moisture resistant and light in weight. They are fabricated using high quality HDPE granules sourced from reputed vendors in the industry and can be acquired by HDPE Plastic Fabric Sheet Exporters around the country.

Our standards match that of international levels and have high durability. The fabrics are custom made and tailored to the needs of customers in terms of length, weight, gusset, meshes and colours.


Business Type Exporter, Trader
Width As Per Customer Requirements
Diameter (mm) As Per Customer Requirements
Specialities Anti-Static, Blackout, Shrink-Resistant
Size in Inches 12-36 Inch
Material HDPE Woven
Color As Per Requirement
Pattern Printed
Country of Origin India
Payment Terms T/T

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Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat manufactures woven fabric from HDPE which is any type of fabric that is formed by the process of weaving using the said material. Our ropes are most commonly created on the loom and made from HDPE or synthetic threads with a warp and a weft. Woven fabrics can be made from any type of fabric like natural cotton or even synthetics like polyester or HDPE. Nowadays, HDPE Woven Fabrics in Gujarat are a common sight to be seen. It is found in markets all over the country as well and is supplied by Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat.

What is HDPE?

High density polyethylene is the full version of the abbreviated form of HDPE. It is a thermoplastic polymer which is produced from the ethylene monomer. It is sometimes referred to as “alkathene” or “polythene” and our laboratory technicians are constantly and tirelessly working to improvise on and manufacture the best of the market.

Properties of HDPE

HDPE is noted for its high strength-to-density ratio. HDPE has little branching which gives it its strong intermolecular forces and high tensile strength. This material is opaque and very hard and has the ability to withstand high temperatures making our fabrics premium ones available in the market. It is resistant to solvents which is why glue does not work on it. These are some of the properties which have allowed us to make the strongest fabrics of the kind in the market.

Is HDPE Good as a Fabric?

As HDPE is very strong and fade resistant it is good as a fabric and we have created the best woven fabric from it in the market. It can resist stains because it does not have dyeing properties. After extrusion, it is not possible to dye it or change its colour. The colour can be changed only when it is in the hot and liquid form. This makes it a good material as upholstery and textile which is why our fabrics never lose their colour and we have remained in the top position for many years now.

Although it is very light in nature, it is surprisingly very strong and has high strength and durability. It is even three times stronger than steel. Bholenath International has been manufacturing the fabric for many years now because of its viability as a strong material.

Our fabric does not become dirty because it has no dye sites. Spilling of liquids or soiling by any means does not affect it. Rather it can be easily cleaned because the dirt does not attach itself in between the fibres. HDPE Woven Fabric Exporter from Junagadh like Bholenath International now manufactures and supplies this material all over India.


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Business Type Exporter, Trader
Type Polypropylene Woven Fabrics
Plastic Type Virgin
Color As Per Customer Requirements
Feature Moisture Proof, Recyclable
Pattern Plain, Printed, PU Coated And As Per Request
Width As Per Customer Requirements
Country of Origin India
Size 12-36 Inch
Payment Terms T/T

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Bholenath International in Junagadh in Gujarat is a leading exporter and supplier of the sprinkler irrigation system in India. It is a device effected in irrigating agricultural crops, lawns, landscapes, golf courses and a multiple other areas. They are also effective for cooling purposes and to control airborne dust particles which is a major problem in India and so we have developed the system at our factory to give you comfort and relief in this weather when used specifically for this purpose.

Sprinkler Irrigation System Developed By Our Company

Sprinkler irrigation system is a procedure of applying or sprinkling water in a controlled way which is similar to rainfall and our company can boast of the best systems in the country. It is uniform by nature. The water from our systems is dispensed by a matrix which typically consists of pumps, valves, pipes and a sprinkler which have been effectively designed and manufactured by our team of experts at Bholenath International.

Features of Irrigation Sprinklers of Bholenath International

Our irrigation sprinklers can be used for any purpose like residential, industrial or agricultural usage. It is applicable on uneven landscapes where there is insufficient water supply and where the soil is sandy. As it distributes water evenly like rainfall, every area is equally watered. So if your demands and requirements are anything in tune to the system developed by the company please do contact us and we will be able to supply you with the best.

How Our Water Sprinkler Works?

The irrigation sprinkler system of our company has perpendicular pipes which have rotating nozzles on top joined at the main pipeline at regular intervals. The pressurized water in the main pipe is ejected from these rotating nozzles in all directions within its area of ejection. This water gets sprinkled on the crops or the plants. In our irrigation sprinklers, water is carried by pipes to a number of central locations in the field and distributed by overhead high pressure sprinklers or guns. Every part and component supplied by our company is fit to be used in a king’s palace so we give you the assurance that ours is the best in the market.

Types of Water Sprinklers Manufactured by the Company

There are three types of water sprinklers available in the market today which can be found in the Sprinkler Irrigation System in Gujarat manufactured by Bholenath International. They are:

  • Industrial Sprinkler

  • Residential Sprinkler

  • Agricultural Sprinkler

Industrial Sprinklers

Bholenath International’s industrial sprinkler works on the principle of high pressure and it moves in a circular motion and is being driven by a ball drive, gear drive or impact mechanism all specifically developed in our unit. They rotate fully or partially. The raingun is the same except that it operates under high pressure and flow with nozzle diameters of 10 to 15 mm.

Residential Sprinklers

The residential sprinklers that we manufacture have a wide variety cost, size and complexity wise. They include the impact, oscillating, drip, underground and portable sprinklers. Our permanent sprinklers work on timers and automated processes. They have retractable heads for aesthetic and practical reasons thereby reducing damage to the sprinkler during lawn mowing. There are Irrigation Equipment Suppliers in India who can supply this and Bholenath International is the leader in the market today.

Agricultural Sprinklers

The initial agricultural sprinklers were those that were used for residential purposes. It proved to be expensive and it interfered with the cultivation process. So they were discarded and the centre-pivot irrigation system was developed. It had the rolling pipe type of irrigation where large wheels were attached to the large pipes with the sprinkler heads which moved slowly across the field and we at Bholenath International have tried our hand at improvising the system and have come up with one which is now the market leader.


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