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Leading Exporters, Manufacturers and Trader of Polyester Strap ( PET Strap), Polypropylene Strap and PP Strap for Fully Automatic Machine from Junagadh.

Business Type Exporter
Material PET
Thickness 0.5-1 mm
Length As per Requirement
Application Commercial, Cunstruction, Industrial
Color Green
Feature Durable, Flexible, Hard Structure
Width 11-19 mm

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Bholenath International is a leading company in Junagadh in Gujarat producing strapping material for industrial purposes. But you must be wondering what industrial strapping is all about? It requires some explanation here. The process of administering a strap to an item to amalgamate, stabilize, hold, reinforce or fasten it is commonly known as strapping or bundling and banding. This strap is often cited as strapping. It is a common feature of the packaging industry and there are many Wholesale Polyester Strap dealers in the market who can provide with it.

A strap is that material which is flexible and flat and it is commonly made from steel or various types of plastics. But it can also be made from any one of the various materials mentioned as follows: steel, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, corded and woven, paper and composite strapping. At Bholenath International we manufacture the best polyester straps.

Polyester Strapping

Our straps are the strongest and the toughest strapping materials available in the market as they are oriented or tensilized polyester and nylon. It can be used as an operable alternative to steel strapping in some particular industries. Polyester has magnificent retainable tension on rigid loads. Another feature is that it has superb recovery properties which help it to absorb extra load without breakage in the strap.

There are weather specific straps available in the market with Polyester Strap Traders like Bholenath International of Gujarat. In cold climatic regions straps bonded with hot melt glue can be a good option because it becomes weather proof.

Convenience of Using Polyester Strapping Made In Our Company

There are a few conveniences of using the polyester strapping. They are mainly:

It is common knowledge that steel rusts when wet but polyester straps do not rust.

It has similar performances like the steel.

It can bear increased load securities.

It does not yield to ultraviolet degradation.

It is water proof.

This is enough reason why PET Strap Exporters in India are doing well in the industry and the company has worked tirelessly to develop the best strapping system that the company has. For details please contact at the office for all your enquiries.

Uses of Strapping

Strapping has multiple uses. At our company we take care to manufacture good quality straps which can be used for:

Making bundles of items together for handling and shipping of items like newspapers, pipes, lumber, concrete blocks, etc.

In fixing various items to pallets, skids and crates.

Providing reinforcement to wooden boxes, crates and corrugated boxes.

To attach an item to flatcars and flatbed semi trailers.

Tying unit loads of bricks, packed glass, metal parts, etc.

To close shut corrugated boxes and shipping containers.

To keep coils of steel or paper secure.

Holding in place bales or bundles of agricultural products or textiles.


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Business Type Exporter
Material Polypropylene
Thickness 0.6-1 mm
Length As per Requirement
Application PP Strap For Semi Automatic Machine
Color Available In Many Different Colors
Feature Fine Thickness, Flexible, Hard Structure, Waterproof

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Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat is famously known for its straps which are also known as a strop. It is a lengthened or extended flap or ribbon that is made of any material like leather or flexible materials. Bholenath International from Junagadh in Gujarat is the leading polypropylene straps manufacturer of the region.

Straps are part of clothing or baggage or it is also part of the packaging industry. Our straps serve the purpose of a fastener to attach, secure, carry or bind items.

Packaging Industry

The most common usage of our straps is in the packaging industry to safely secure and fasten items when packed and ready to be supplied. Strapping has to be done very carefully and it has to be done giving it optimum strength to keep the goods safe and secure during transportation. As nowadays goods and products travel all across the globe strapping is of utmost importance. This has been borne in mind by our engineers and technicians while producing the material. As our company production is constantly monitored from the first to the last step we can assure you that there is no need to worry about our quality at any stage.

Strapping Materials That Our Company Uses

Our strong strapping material available in the market today is oriented or tensilized polyester strapping or the polypropylene strapping which is a type of plastic manufactured in our factory in Gujarat. As it is a very strong item of use in the packing industry many Propylene Straps Suppliers in Gujarat are getting into the business nowadays and we have designed our straps from these materials. It is a good alternative to the steel strapping in most industries today as steel gives way due to the process of rusting.

Our polyester straps have the capacity to take huge loads and it does not break off due to overloading because of its recovery properties. A good many Polyester Strap Suppliers in Gujarat like Bholenath International are able to do the honours of flooding the market with the item.

Reasons Why Our Polyester Strap is Beneficial

Our straps have a multiple number of functions like:

Straps can bundle items together for handling and shipping purpose.

Affixing items to pallets, skids and crates

Buttressing wooden boxes, crates, etc.

Securing items to flatcars, flatbed semi trailers

Tying packed glass, metal parts so that they do not become loose.

Tying up steel coils or paper rolls

Stocking bales of agricultural products or even textiles

Securing intermodal containers, boxcars and semi trailers


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Business Type Exporter
Material Polypropylene
Thickness 0.5-0.9 mm
Color Available In Many Different Colors
Feature Fine Thickness, Hard Structure
Elongation Upto 5-10%
Quality Optimum

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Location Worldwide

The packaging is one of the most important parts of production in any industry. The reason behind this is that even if the product that is manufactured by the producer is top-notch if they are destroyed or damaged while transportation, it is of no use to the consumers. This is why our PP Strap for fully automatic machines offers a great deal of usage in all kinds of industry. Our Polypropylene strapping offers higher durability to the packages and so, makes it easier for our clients to deliver and commute their finished products without having to worry regarding the in-freight damages and handling bumps whatsoever.

These PP Straps are perfect for a variety of industries such as Fruit and Perishables, Explosives and Electrodes, Glass and Automobile Products, Electric Appliances, ceramics, Textile Industries, Drip Irrigation Pipe, wooden crates, Oil containers, Non-Perishable Goods, Cables and Wires and many more.


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