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At Bholenath International the best packaging materials are found developed from top grade raw materials. Packaging is the science, art and technology of confining finished products safely ready for distribution, storage, sale and use by the customer. It also involves designing, evaluating and producing packages which Bholenath International has devised at their plant in Junagadh in Gujarat.

Today we live in an age when everyday things of daily use are packed and shipped from all across the globe directly to our homes and business organizations. Thus the packaging industry has become one very important industry with its related procedures and materials a huge constituent of the manufacturing and distributing companies. Our group of experts has identified the need of the hour and we have worked tirelessly to produce the best quality materials in the market.

Without these components their products are as good as null and void. Catching on the significance of the current market requirements we at Bholenath International have developed our products which are the market leaders in India today.

Best Grade Materials Used in Manufacturing our Products

It is of prime importance that these companies learn how to pack their stuff in the most economical ways possible to reduce the cost factor of a business house. To do this recycling and reusing are some means though it is not always possible due to the make of the packing materials and their base material. It is then to be seen which materials can be used and reused conveniently. All that is mass produced at our plant is the best grade items doing the rounds of the markets today and can be used and reused thus saving on costs.

Packaging is a common and broad term. It encompasses packing of all items produced to be sold in markets. But some items need industrial packaging wherein heavy packing items are required. These are called industrial packing materials which can be purchased from Industrial Packaging Wholesalers in Junagadh namely Bholenath International one of the leaders in this field.

Our Packaging Products

The materials that fall under packaging materials are plastic ropes, plastic fabric sheets, plastic sacks, packing straps and tarpaulin which can all be got under one roof- Bholenath International. You think of packaging and you have to think of us.

Our plastic ropes are used because of their great strength and ability to bear great loads. These types of ropes do not rot or decompose under any circumstances. They are hardy and stout with the ability to withstand any kind of abuse.

Plastic fibre sheets which we fabricate are also lightweight, durable, flexible and cheap in manufacturing. The biggest advantage of our sheets is its ability to withstand water and protect the products to the core. The plastic sheets can also withstand any kind of abuse and natural calamities. Our plastic sheets’ ability to last for a long time all the while protecting the goods inside is why it makes for a good packaging material. This can be purchased at reasonable rates from Plastic Fabric Sheets Suppliers in Junagadh.

The plastic sack is also another tough packing material which qualifies almost like the plastic fabric sheet. Our plastics sacks are made at our factory from the top grade raw materials.

Just packing into containers, boxes, etc is not the end of the story of the packaging industry. All the packed goods need to be strapped well to keep them from falling apart while being transported. So the packing straps that we construct at our factory in Junagadh occupy an equally important place in the industry.

Last but not least is our good old tarpaulin. If everything is done carefully but lastly it is not covered properly then all is lost. So the tarpaulin that Bholenath International manufactures, the best in the market comes into play then. It is required to safeguard all your packed boxes and containers till they reach their destination.


MOQ : 1 Container

Business Type Exporter
Size 2 Mm To 24 Mm In 3 Strands (3 Ply) & 4 Stands (4 Ply)
Length As Per Requirement
Material HDPE
Color Available In Many Different Colors
Pattern Twisted
Country of Origin India
Technic Machine Made
Tear Resistant Yes
Twist Type S Twist
Payment Terms T/T

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Bholenath International is a manufacturer of strong ropes made of HDPE material. The ropes that we manufacture have strength so that they can be used for load bearing, dragging and lifting purposes. Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat is the leading HDPE rope manufacturer in India today. Our ropes are very thick and strong

Uses Of Our Ropes

Ropes have been used since ancient times in every area of life and it is still required today. The construction industry even today requires ropes. We make ropes following the latest technology which is why our ropes are in demand for exploration, sports, theatre, communication, mountain climbing, etc. So our ropes are made from the best raw materials in the market and we can assure you that it is of superior quality and make.

Materials of Ropes

Although ropes are required in every field in life, yet they are all varied. The materials of ropes vary from use to use. Ropes are manufactured from a variety of materials like cotton, jute, leaded polysteel, manila, nylon, polyester and polyethylene. Different purposes require different kinds of ropes. But we at Bholenath International manufacture the strongest ropes- HDPE ropes which is the latest market demand and need of the day.

HDPE Ropes Manufactured at our Plant

HDPE Ropes from Bholenath International have a few unique features and qualities that make it very useful. They are most useful when the purpose mainly surrounds water as it does not rot and can resist mildew. The ropes are manufactured in a variety of colours making it easily distinguishable in certain places as a kind of barrier. Swimming pools have HDPE ropes because they will float. Commercial fishermen use it in their daily lives in their profession.

The dielectric ability of our ropes is another advantage. It does not conduct electricity. Rather it acts as an insulator. Our ropes can withstand abrasion and friction.

Pros of our HDPE Ropes

As has already been discussed, our HDPE rope is very useful as it is a good insulator, floats on water, water resistant, light in weight, cost effective, UV resistant and has colour variety. As they are very effective and useful many HDPE Ropes Export Company from Junagadh are now marketing the ropes even more strongly.

Strength of HDPE Ropes

The common twisted ropes are also known as laid ropes. It generally consists of the 3 or 4 ply or strand ropes. At our factory we are manufacturing the types of ropes that are mentioned. The twists of the ropes are indicated by the upper case of the alphabets ‘S’ or ‘Z’ type. These twists in our ropes provide the strength to the ropes and now HDPE Ropes Export Company from Junagadh is manufacturing and stocking on these types of ropes which can be acquired from them upon contacting.


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MOQ : 1 Container

Business Type Exporter, Trader
Width As Per Customer Requirements
Diameter (mm) As Per Customer Requirements
Specialities Anti-Static, Blackout, Shrink-Resistant
Size in Inches 12-36 Inch
Material HDPE Woven
Color As Per Requirement
Pattern Printed
Country of Origin India
Payment Terms T/T

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Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat manufactures woven fabric from HDPE which is any type of fabric that is formed by the process of weaving using the said material. Our ropes are most commonly created on the loom and made from HDPE or synthetic threads with a warp and a weft. Woven fabrics can be made from any type of fabric like natural cotton or even synthetics like polyester or HDPE. Nowadays, HDPE Woven Fabrics in Gujarat are a common sight to be seen. It is found in markets all over the country as well and is supplied by Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat.

What is HDPE?

High density polyethylene is the full version of the abbreviated form of HDPE. It is a thermoplastic polymer which is produced from the ethylene monomer. It is sometimes referred to as “alkathene” or “polythene” and our laboratory technicians are constantly and tirelessly working to improvise on and manufacture the best of the market.

Properties of HDPE

HDPE is noted for its high strength-to-density ratio. HDPE has little branching which gives it its strong intermolecular forces and high tensile strength. This material is opaque and very hard and has the ability to withstand high temperatures making our fabrics premium ones available in the market. It is resistant to solvents which is why glue does not work on it. These are some of the properties which have allowed us to make the strongest fabrics of the kind in the market.

Is HDPE Good as a Fabric?

As HDPE is very strong and fade resistant it is good as a fabric and we have created the best woven fabric from it in the market. It can resist stains because it does not have dyeing properties. After extrusion, it is not possible to dye it or change its colour. The colour can be changed only when it is in the hot and liquid form. This makes it a good material as upholstery and textile which is why our fabrics never lose their colour and we have remained in the top position for many years now.

Although it is very light in nature, it is surprisingly very strong and has high strength and durability. It is even three times stronger than steel. Bholenath International has been manufacturing the fabric for many years now because of its viability as a strong material.

Our fabric does not become dirty because it has no dye sites. Spilling of liquids or soiling by any means does not affect it. Rather it can be easily cleaned because the dirt does not attach itself in between the fibres. HDPE Woven Fabric Exporter from Junagadh like Bholenath International now manufactures and supplies this material all over India.


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Business Type Exporter
Material HDPE & PP
Thickness 9.5-10mm
Color Available In Many Different Colors
Pattern Plain
Sack Capacity 25kg, 50kg
Waterproof Yes

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These bags are an excellent solution to pack 30-50 KG of dry material. These bags are manufactured from polypropylene and high density polyethylene woven fabric which has superior strength and is less prone to punctures. Woven Sacks can be provided with both plain or printed, different sizes, types, colors, tear resistant, made from the toughest polypropylene and high density polyethylene woven fabric. Woven sacks are very much ideal for the packaging covering the wide range of products.


  • Agriculture & Farming, fertilizers, minerals, chemicals, resin, polymer.
  • Sugar, salt, lime, caustic soda, corn.
  • Animal feeds, cattle feed stock.
  • Seeds, spices, agro products, Cashew nuts, dates, barely, flour, rice.
  • Building & Construction materials.
  • Concrete materials, cement.

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Business Type Exporter
Material PVC
Shape Rectengular
Thickness 1.5-2mm
Application Garden, Tent, Truck Canopy
Color Available In Many Different Colors

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Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat manufactures tarpaulin which is also known as a tarp - a sizeable sheet which is strong, flexible and water resistant material. It is most often a type of cloth like canvas or polyester which is overlaid with polyurethane or at times it is made with plastics such as polyethylene which Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat has so systematically developed from the best raw materials over the years.

The tarpaulins manufactured at our company contain fortified eyelets at the corners and the sides to form attachment points to allow ropes to pass through to tie them down or suspend them. These sheets which we produce are of various colours and are available with PVC Tarpaulin Exporters all over the country and this is why we have become the leaders in the market today.

Materials of Tarpaulin Manufactured at Our Factory

Polyethylene Sheets

Most modern tarpaulins today are made from woven polyethylene. This material is so intertwined with tarpaulins that sometimes it is known as the polytarp. Tarpaulins are made from many different varieties of materials but our tarpaulins are made from the most common material – polyethylene. Our company sources all raw materials from the top vendors of the market.

Our tarpaulins are a laminate of woven and sheet material in which the centre is loosely woven from strips of polyethylene plastic with sheets of the same material bonded to the surface. This generates a fabric like material which resists stretching in all directions and is water-proof.

These polyethylene sheets can be made of high density polyethylene or HDPE or low-density polyethylene or LDPE. The sheets that our company manufactures are treated against ultraviolet light, and these sheets can last a lifetime even if exposed to the elements of nature. The sheets which are not treated with UV light very speedily become fragile and gradually lose strength and its ability to be water proof but we assure you that we do not manufacture or sell such sheets in the market.

Vinyl or Polyvinylchloride Sheets

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC tarpaulin sheets are of industrial grade for heavy duty usage. The sheets manufactured at Bholenath International are of coated yellow vinyl which makes it waterproof. It is also highly tensile and abrasion proof. They have the ability to withstand oil, grease, acid and mildew. Our sheets are best used in agriculture, construction industry, other industries, trucks, flood barriers and temporary roof repair. High grade tarpaulin sheets are available with PVC Tarpaulin Sheets Suppliers in Junagadh, Gujarat. Bholenath International is the market king of tarpaulin sheets in the region.

Uses of Our Tarpaulin

Our tarpaulins have multiple usages. It can shield persons and things from nature’s elements like wind, rain and sunlight. The sheets that we manufacture are time tested and are also used in the construction industry, after disasters; prevent mess during painting job and repair work, covering trucks and wagons, to keep things covered from rain, shelters, advertisement printing and a variety of other uses in various fields.


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Business Type Exporter
Material Polypropylene
Thickness 0.6-1 mm
Length As per Requirement
Application PP Strap For Semi Automatic Machine
Color Available In Many Different Colors
Feature Fine Thickness, Flexible, Hard Structure, Waterproof

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Location Worldwide

Bholenath International of Junagadh in Gujarat is famously known for its straps which are also known as a strop. It is a lengthened or extended flap or ribbon that is made of any material like leather or flexible materials. Bholenath International from Junagadh in Gujarat is the leading polypropylene straps manufacturer of the region.

Straps are part of clothing or baggage or it is also part of the packaging industry. Our straps serve the purpose of a fastener to attach, secure, carry or bind items.

Packaging Industry

The most common usage of our straps is in the packaging industry to safely secure and fasten items when packed and ready to be supplied. Strapping has to be done very carefully and it has to be done giving it optimum strength to keep the goods safe and secure during transportation. As nowadays goods and products travel all across the globe strapping is of utmost importance. This has been borne in mind by our engineers and technicians while producing the material. As our company production is constantly monitored from the first to the last step we can assure you that there is no need to worry about our quality at any stage.

Strapping Materials That Our Company Uses

Our strong strapping material available in the market today is oriented or tensilized polyester strapping or the polypropylene strapping which is a type of plastic manufactured in our factory in Gujarat. As it is a very strong item of use in the packing industry many Propylene Straps Suppliers in Gujarat are getting into the business nowadays and we have designed our straps from these materials. It is a good alternative to the steel strapping in most industries today as steel gives way due to the process of rusting.

Our polyester straps have the capacity to take huge loads and it does not break off due to overloading because of its recovery properties. A good many Polyester Strap Suppliers in Gujarat like Bholenath International are able to do the honours of flooding the market with the item.

Reasons Why Our Polyester Strap is Beneficial

Our straps have a multiple number of functions like:

Straps can bundle items together for handling and shipping purpose.

Affixing items to pallets, skids and crates

Buttressing wooden boxes, crates, etc.

Securing items to flatcars, flatbed semi trailers

Tying packed glass, metal parts so that they do not become loose.

Tying up steel coils or paper rolls

Stocking bales of agricultural products or even textiles

Securing intermodal containers, boxcars and semi trailers


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